Erasmus Insertion into Academic Life and Portuguese Culture

Come to Portugal! With GlobalPlaza you are at home!

The “Erasmus Insertion into Academic Life and Portuguese Culture” package involves a personally accompaniment of the student during the stay in Portugal, including the following:

  • Locating suitable accommodation near the University/Host Institution and, if possible and desirable, in a house with other Erasmus students;
  • Transfer from the airport to the accommodation building on arrival, as well as the inverse for departure;
  • A welcome cocktail reception for Erasmus students, an excellent opportunity to meet other students;
  • An information package about:
    • academic life,
    • local and national mass transport network and its timetables (trains and other transports),
    • information about civil security ,
    • other several details about the city,
    • cultural and tourist information about Portugal;
  • Information about the most advantageous conditions on the banking system for students and help on the opening of a bank account and information about its functioning;
  • Help in the legal registration process during the stay in Portugal;
  • Information about the most advantageous mobile phone programmes to residential phones abroad at the lowest cost;
  • Guidance for the student during the first days in the University/Institution;
  • Access to a enterprise’s club, that can be used as a meeting point, where there is a bar functioning from 9:00 till 18:00;
  • Information/Registration in Portuguese courses organised by the University;
  • The promotion of several events in order to foster the insertion both on local and on national culture;
  • Permanent assistance during the stay in Portugal.

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